All calls against Ecster's API need to be authenticated using custom HTTP headers.

  • x-api-key: JKN675aVeMR9Mleh786FGf2ff7T1okmH6 (example)
  • x-merchant-key: 10569832 (example)

An api key can be used for one or mulitple merchants.

  • Organisations having multiple point of sales, both ECOM and/or multiple POS
  • Parties acting on behalf of multiple merchants, e.g. back office services

API and merchant key administration

  • Merchants can generate and revoke API keys using Ecster Dashboard. To determine what an API key is allowed to do a permission based system is used. API key permissions are derived by the user creating the API key, i.e. the api key has the same permissions as the creating user
  • Merchants can view associated merchant keys using the Ecster Dashboard
  • Multiple keys with same profile can be created and be valid concurrently

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