Prepare your site

Before you can start integrating Ecster Pay you have to prepare your site. First have a look at the interaction between Ecster and your site when using Ecster Pay.

Purchase flow

Purchase flowchart

What you need to do

  • Prepare a Div on your checkout page where Ecster Pay will be loaded.
  • Reference Ecster Pay JavaScript libary for the mandatory functions.
  • Terms and condition URL, where you host your terms and conditions. Ecster will provide the consumer with a link to your terms and conditions in Ecster Pay.
  • A notification URL where Ecster will send all the order and event notifications.

Test account

Before you can make calls against Ecster you will need to request a test account.

All calls to Ecster's API need to be authenticated using your unique merchant key and secret API-key. Go to Request test account page to receive your credentials to Ecster Dashboard where you can generate a secret API-key.

Next step

Let's get practical and see some examples. 

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Request test account