4.2 Order Event Notification

Ecster will send an order event notification (OEN) to the notification URL supplied when the order was created. An OEN will be sent as soon as an event has affected the order. Most events imply an order changing status, but not all. For example, a partially debited order being partially debited again will have the same order status (“PARTIALLY_DELIVERED”) before and after the event.

  • Ecster does not send the complete order information but rather a signal that something happened with the order.
  • Order event notification is an asynchronous notification. An OEN can be sent within seconds but can also be delayed for minutes, thus you should NOT build your application relying on an OEN being sent within a certain amount of time.
  • Merchant must answer with HTTP 200 or Ecster will try to send the notification again in 2 hours. Ecster will try to send the notification 24 times.
  • Ecster recommends that the merchant makes a get order request with the orderId to get all the updated order information from the response when an async OEN is received.
  • For authentication purpose, a custom http header can be supplied in the OEN call. The name and value of this http header must be provided Ecster for configuration.

Example request

Ecster does a POST request to the notificationURL provided in the create order request with the following body:

orderId (string, 1) internal reference for order
orderReference (string, 0-1) external reference for order
status (orderstatus, 1) status on order
time (timestamp, 1) time when status change occurred
event (orderevent, 1) event on order

POST /<your notificationURL>

Content-Type: application/json

  "orderId": "eYBtAD0wTZIzDWkVpGhe",
  "orderReference": "10000",
  "status": "READY"
  "time": "2019-02-07T12:27:28Z",
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